Multiple Choice pillow

The Multiple Choice Pillow is the latest addition to the Multiple Choice collection, that uses belgian recycled denim yarn in melange colors to create subtle, warm patterns. I developed a threedimensional fabric in search for more chunky softness. Apart from the denim yarn I use deadstock yarns from the knitting factory to get this padded […]

Triptiek Barstool / seating

The Triptiek Barstool make a strong yet tactile impression. The eyecatchers of this scene are the seating covers in the colours of your choice. Recovered leather is cut into strips. The strips are woven into firm patterns, reminiscent of traditional rattan caning; the leftover pieces are quilted into larger patches with a more organic look. […]

Multiple Choice chair

From playful colour bursts to retro or minimal vibes: the Multiple Choice Chair is whatever you want it to be. The frame can be a repurposed school chair or stool, powder coated in your colour of choice; the contact surfaces, typically sloped on the chairs, are dressed in a squishy cover that withstands daily use. […]

Triptiek paravan / Screen

Paravan Screen - Project by Textile Designer Veerle Tytgat, in collaboration with 'Onbetaalbaar'

A room divider, dressed with patterns of woven leather, adds privacy and character. Three vertical wooden panels each house four smaller frames, to accomodate the length of the leather strips: they are created from thrifted seats and factory surpluses. The weaving technique reminds of traditional rattan caning, yet the result is inventive and outspoken. The […]

Loop Pillow

Loop Pillow by Textile Designer Veerle Tytgat

The Loop Pillow is covered in a long knitted ribbon, folded into loops and sewn together. The ribbons consist of recycled yarns, knitted into whimsical patterns on a old knitting machine. Each pillow has a unique colour pattern. Covering a removable filling and equipped with a zipper, pillows come in three sizes: 40×60, 45×45 and […]