Textile Design


Veerle Tytgat handles and researches textile with a passion. She searches a common ground between fascinating and often endangered techniques, contemporary styles and pure or recycled materials. Her work includes (but is not limited to) industrial knitting. dyeing, passementerie and caning.

The end result always honors four aspects: her creations are sustainably produced and built for the long term; they please the contemporary eye and wink at the traditions they are indebted to.

With an enthousiastic and no-nonsense personality, Veerle is a magnet for collaborations. Her path is one of experiments and opportunities, with a network that extends to India, Bulgaria and Tunisia.

She graduated from LUCA School of Arts Gent in 2011 and currently holds a research position at KASK School of Arts in Ghent.

She developed a collection of objects with conscious interior collective Onbetaalbaar and is always interested in immersing herself in commissions with a story. She’s currently building her own collection with a number of designs and objects, diverse in usage, but with a common depth and warmth at their core.