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Veerle Tytgat is a textile designer based in Ghent, Belgium.

Her early experiments pushed the conventional boundaries of textile design: from natural pigments to mud as a means to color fabrics. Currently her work still includes an ecological aspect, manifested in her less waste designs, use of organic dyes and ecological or recycled materials.

She experiments with (hand)machine knits by replacing the functionality of this technique into knitted structures for interior. On one hand this can be by following the malleability of a single yarn, in which handwork and machine collaborate, on the other hand it can be a research in structure and texture.
Veerle’s designs show a minimum control over the yarns, resulting in unique patterns and textures. These try-outs are transposed into interiorobjects such as pillows, revamped chairs, furnishings…
Because of her hands-on design approach, she also dives into other traditional textile techniques, such as braiding, twining,…

Since 2018 Veerle is a member of Collectief Textiel and collaborates with ONBETAALBAAR.

She has given many workshops, followed courses in Bulgaria, participated in exchange programs in India and worked together with artisans in Tunesia, in order to establish a knowledge flow network.  



  • 2011 Master degree Textile design, school of science and art, St. Lucas Ghent (B)
  • 2019-2021 Educational program passementerie design (B)

Exhibitions and fairs

  • 2020 DDW Eindhoven (NL)
  • 2019 Contemporary design market, Tour & Taxis Brussels (B
  • 2019 BAD belgian art design, Floraliënhal Ghent (B)
  • 2019 Tumult in Gent#7, De krook Ghent (B)
  • 2018 BAD belgian art design, ICC Ghent (B)
  • 2016 – 2017 Manufactuur 3.0 Trademarks 2016,  Z33 Hasselt (B), residency & group show
  • 2016 Haar! in mode en kunst, Centraal museum, Utrecht (NL), Group show
  • 2014 Tableau vivant, Galerij Bavart, Ghent(B) group show
  • 2014 The divided body, Predikherenkerk, Leuven (B) group show
  • 2014 C2C, De Ververij, Ronse (B) group show
  • 2013 Jong textiel, TIO3, Ronse (B) group show
  • 2012 – 2013 Toegepast 17, Z33, Hasselt (B) group show
  • 2012 Stof-e-ring, Biennale for fashion and textile, Stam, Ghent (B) group show
  • 2011 Optimo Porfolio Awards, Herentals (B) group show
  • 2011 ‘Het onverdraaglijke’, Cultuurfestival Leuven (B), group show
  • 2011 Jan Colle Gallery, Ghent (B) group show
  • 2011 Textile Weekend, textile museum Tilburg (NL) group show


  • 2019 – 2021  “Kantje Boordje”, een pleidooi voor passement, leerling-meester traject (supported by  kunst-en erfgoed), Flanders’ trimmings, Ingelmunster (B) (
  • 2019 – 2020 Topatelier (Textile SwitchOver Project), supported by  IVOC, Creamoda, Doek vzw, Herw!n and Prospex Institute, with the support of Vlaanderen Circulair (B)
  • 2012 Toegepast 17, Designplatform Limburg and z33, Hasselt (B) 


  • 2019 Actief wonen, issue 255
  • 2016  Décor Magazine issue 7, Cushions with a conscience p53-55
  • 12/2012 Kwintessens (B), 4de trim jaargang XXI, (G)(H)aren, een tegendraads concept van textielontwerpster Veerle Tytgat
  • 10/2012 Kunstletters (B), In de ban van Garen
  • 2012 Absoluut Magazine (B), grandeur van vroeger en  nu
  • 2011 Kwintessens, klas van 2011, 100 afgestudeerden


  • 2011 Optimo Portfolio Award (B)


  • 2010 – 2011 Anne Masson & Eric Chevalier Textile design, Brussels (B)
  • 2010 – 2011 scenography dance production ‘Magdalena’ by Caroline D’Haese and Leena Dekeyzer (B)



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