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Veerle Tytgat is a textile designer based in Ghent, Belgium.

Her early experiments pushed the conventional boundaries of textile design: from natural pigments to mud as a means to color fabrics. Her work includes an ecological aspect, manifested in her less waste designs and use of organic dyes and cloths.

Currently, she explores knitting and knotting techniques by following the malleability of a single yarn, in which handwork and machine collaborate. Veerle’s  (knitting) designs show a minimum control over the yarns, resulting in unique patterns and textures. Moreover, she combines many colors that on the one hand celebrate vitality and life, and on the other play with your eye like an impressionist painting. Veerle’s try-outs are also transposed into objects such as pillows, revamped chairs or furnishings, thus winking at interior-design.

She has given many workshops, followed courses in Bulgaria and participated in exchange programs in India, in order to establish a knowledge flow network.  





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