Coloured by circumstances
Sun and surroundings
call it territory-textile
illuminated to a pattern

This work is made in and from my closest surroundings, using al the benefits in nature, the plants, the weeds, the sun and rain. What hides nature and how can I use the maximum of it?

Natural sunlight and local flora are my equipments to shape and form these fabrics.

Textile changes in time, evolves, fades or bleaches under the influence of sunlight. I use these disadvantages to create new patterns in natural dyed fabrics. The degradation of the material becomes a transformation. Beginning and decay are equivalents, wastage is a new start.

This research is an abstract translation of time, light, weather conditions and environment. A reflection that is made tactile in textile.

This project has been supported by Toegepast 17, at Z33 Hasselt (B): read more